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Everyone over the age 18 should have a "Will" and a "Health Care Directive"
If You have these documents:
If You don't have these documents:
  •  They may need updating   
  • Make them out today.
Just got Divorced?.............Make out a new will.
Just Married?........Make out a new will.
Had a baby........Make out a new will.
Spouse died? ........Make out a new will.,
If you don't have a Will or Health Care Directive, you could be kept alive against your wishes by loved
ones and  machines because of a
belief,  (religion), custom, tradition, or law.       
Yes, you can do it online......
Do it Yourself, buy books from Nolo.com

Click HERE  to make out your will.
Click Here for your Health Care Directive (All States)
(USLegal Forms.com)
Basically, a will says who will get your stuff when you die.
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Save your surviving family members a trip to probate court,  Make out these documents today!
The information contained in this document could save you a lot of money in Probate fees and Taxes.
You will need this information if you are chosen to be "Executor of a will" or "Power of
 You could also be chosen to be a legal guardian or custodian of a minor or the assets of
the deceased, (Power of Attorney) .         
Save your valuable time! Purchase this well researched and very important information, with
many links to websites and other information that is related to
Family Law.
"Legal Information" is not "Legal Advice".
Subjects covered in this document including Family Laws
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After purchase, you will have access to instructions to save "wills-n-stuff" to your computer.
You Really Should Read this Stuff!!
Note: As new information becomes available, it will automatically be included in this website.
"Knowledge is Power"
Take notes and be informed.
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A health care directive gives a person of your choosing the authority to direct your health care according to your wishes,
when you are no longer capable of doing so.
P.S.  You will be glad You did.
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 Dying "intestate" (without a will),  click >>   
Intestate Succession Rules
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Intestacy (wikipedia)
Subjects covered in this document including Family Laws
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