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You will need this information if you are chosen to be "Executor of a will" or "Power of
 You could also be chosen to be a legal guardian or custodian of a minor or the assets of
the deceased, (Power of Attorney) .         
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Everyone should have a "Will" and a "Health Care Directive"
If You have these documents, they may need updating.
If You don't have these documents, make them out today!!
Yes, you can do it online......
This document is intended to be informative and educational about the following subjects:
Wills, (Married & Single),  Trusts, (revocable & irrevocable), The Probate process, Social Security,
Medicare, Medigap, Medicaid, Nursing Homes, Hospice, Insurance, Elder Care, Pensions, Retirement,
Funerals, Cemeteries, Inheriting cemetery lots, Veterans, Caskets, Vaults, Liners, Urns and Embalming.
Death Notices/Certificates/Obituaries, direct burial, direct cremation, give body to science, Indian Health
Care, Cobra, Tri-Care, Annuities, Long Term Care, Tenancy, SS Debit card, cremation, Right to Die, and
related subjects.  Also, "40 Credits", DPOA, (Medical & Financial),  TIN, Hemlock Society, The Neptune
Society, green funerals, and AARP, (American Association of Retired Persons).  Also, AMAC, a alternative
to AARP, And links to a host of Websites relating to these subjects.
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You will need this information in the future.
"Knowledge is Power"
You Really Should Read this Stuff!!
Just got Divorced?.............Make out a new will.
Just Married?........Make out a new will.
And be informed......   
You Really Should Read this Stuff!!
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Intestate Succession Rules
Dying without making out a will. (Intestate)
If you don't have a Health Care Directive, you could be kept alive against your wishes by loved ones and with machines
because of a
belief, custom, tradition or law.   
Note: As new information becomes available, it will automatically be included in this website.
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Give copies of Your  "Will" and  "Health Care Directive" to your "Power of Attorney" and Primary care doctor.   
Only about 30% of Americans have a will and health care directive. If you are not one of them, make out your documents today.
Basically, a will says who will get your stuff when you die, and a health care directive gives a person of your choosing the
authority to direct your health care according to your wishes, when you are no longer capable of doing so.
Had a baby........Make out a new will.
Spouse died? ........Make out a new will.
Carry copies of these documents on long trips in your car along with ICE numbers.
When you assign a ICE number (a phone number) to a person, use FIRST NAMES ONLY!!!  AND
PUT "ICE" NEXT TO THEIR NAME.   (ICE (persons' first name) and phone # 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Green Funerals
Cremation is FREE
(Give body to Science)
(Good Information)
Dictionary of Legal Terms
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And "be informed".
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legal dictionary, printable forms
and instructions for saving this document to your computer.  
(A printer is required)   (There are only 5 instructions)   if you do not have access to a printer, write them down.       
And Take Notes!!
If you do not have a "primary care doctor", get one, if you do not have a "power of attorney",  get one.
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Save your surviving family members a trip to probate court..
Save your valuable time! Purchase this well researched and very important information, with
many links to websites and other information that is related to Family Law.
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       Be Nice To your kids............They will choose your Nursing Home......
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